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Thought Cookie
Cookie #1 (for 2010-06-02)
"Baking Cookies!"
So if one were to compare a path in life to baking cookies, what kind of cookies should I bake? Should I live a plain sugar cookie life? A life full of chocolatey chunks of goodness? The unsteady life much like the bumpy surface of an oatmeal cookie? What will give me the most satisfaction with the least amount of post-cookie pain? The choices in life are tougher than mom's homemade cookies I tell ya.... Why am I comparing things to cookies? Well, I decided to call my log / blog / journal thingie "Thought Cookie", where I bestow unto you great cookies of wisdom, entertainment, and hope. Also, I like cookies, so there.... Anyway, I really am standing at a crossroads here, trying to decide what to do with my life. Unfortunately for me, my crossroads have many many paths. Should I become an artist? A computer programmer? A writer? A web developer? What path should I take without looking back? Is there a way to do all of the above without going insane? All I know is that I've wasted far too much of my life walking in circles at the center of my crossroads. I'm now 29 years old, and don't have much to show for it. I want to do something that I'll not regret having done when I'm an old man, lying in that hospital bed taking my final breaths. I want to spend the rest of my life doing something I love, if I could only figure out what that is....

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